About Me

Hi, my name is Alexander Klingenbeck and I love software developement.

I’m a passionate software developer, always eager to learn new technologies and becoming more proficient in known ones. I’ve mostly worked as a full-stack web developer in an Asp.Net environment, focusing on REST-APIs and Single-Page-Applications. I’m also interested in graphics programming especially in an embedded or web environment. Lately I’ve also become increasingly interested in clean-code and software architecture which is an area I’d like to move towards to.

I'm a computer science student at TH Nuremberg. By . I also work as a software engineer at endobit software solutions, where I do full-stack web developement, mostly with Asp.NET WebApi and Kendo UI. I'm also able make architecutral and data-model decisions for new projects.

In my freetime I love to experiment with upcoming web technologies like WebGL and Angular. I also used to do games but I hardly find the time anymore. My goal for 2017 is to get more into C++ and OpenGL ES2.